Marine & Offshore

The A1000 Series frequency inverters from YASKAWA are suitable for drive solutions in marine applications.

Winder – Unwinder Applications

A1000 for Winder is the solution to requirements of rewinder and unwinder systems.

Crane & Hoist

YASKAWA A1000 Inverter for Crane and Hoist provide an easy solution to the special demands of crane applications.

Electronic Line Shaft

The Electronic Line Shaft (ELS) function allows a drive to precisely follow a master encoder (PG) signal in speed, direction, and phase.

Precise Positioning

Several applications with servo position control can be replaced with inverter having special software and motor with encoder, giving a major cost saving.

High Output Frequency

A1000 and V1000 are both compact size inverter drives running induction motors with an output frequency between 0.0 and 1000.0 Hz