Alpha Motion Inverters bring life to the new fountain of Omonoia square in Athens – Greece

Yaskawa Inverters GA500 control the waters of the fountain.
The new fountain of Omonia was officially delivered on 14/5/2020

Major donors of the project are:

A.C. Laskaridis charitable Foundation
Fontana Fountains (constructed the fountain)
ELLAKTOR Construction Group
Onassis Foundation

1.5 Axis servo plastic bag cut & seal machine

One of our first applications, in 1995, which is still in operation

The application shows the cutting (and gluing) of pre-printed plastic material (such as Super Market bags) or paper (such as a tablecloth) in a predetermined length, so that the printed section is always centered in the same position.
The control of the servomotor of the cylinders that promote the material to the cutting knife is done by the controller, while the knife, by a digital output signal (also by the controller).

Basic Movable Materials Used

Motion Controller: Parker Hannifin
Servodrive: Parker Hannifin
Servomotor: Parker Hannifin
HMI: PArker Hannifin

4 axis servo palletizing system

Alpha Motion ready software for Cartesian palletization systems. The control screen can configure all the data needed for a carton palletization such as:

  • Number of Layers
  • Different Format per layer
  • Cardboard dimension
  • Approach
  • Orientation
  • Speeds per axis
  • Total palletizing speed
  • Easy creation of infinite new Format
  • Automatic fault diagnosis
  • Collaboration with other production lines
  • Communication with other smart systems such as PCs, PLCs, ERP, etc.

4 axis cnc marble cutting machine

Specialized 4-axis CNC for cutting or engraving marbles with a cutting disc.
The G-code conversion file in commands on the controller was done by our certified external partner and the rest of the automation was done by Alpha Motion.

Basic Movable Materials Used

Motion Controller: Kollmorgen
4 άξονες servo: Kollmorgen
Inverter: Fuji Electric