Enhanced dedicated crane functions

Continuous improvements of the key functions for crane applications has won the trust of our customers for over 30 years. The CR700 balances the hoist application in perfection. Made possible by innovative design advantages the CR700 crane drive helps you to lower initial investment for factory construction, supports you by increasing your productivity, lowers the efforts for daily maintenance and helps to reduce energy consumption.

Supreme features to build excellent crane solutions

These functions are our pride in crane. And these will support you in being unique. All the precious goods transported with the crane are handled with a lot of care. It’s as smooth as handling containers with your own hands.

  • Embedded EMC filter.
  • Synchronous position control and tandem application.
  • Anti-sway function.
  • Light load function.
  • Load balance without encoder.
  • Rope length monitor.
  • Maintenance monitor.
  • Travel limit.
  • Brake command monitor