The Electronic Line Shaft (ELS) function allows a drive to precisely follow a master encoder (PG) signal in speed, direction, and phase.

3 ~ 200V …. 240V +10%/-15%, 0.4kW – 110kW
3 ~ 380V …. 480V +10%/-15%, 0.4kW – 630kW


  • Flexible Gear Ratio:The gear ratio between the master and the follower is adjustable. In addition, a gear ratio adjustment (“draw”) can be added to the speed reference via parameter, analog input, multi-function input MOP or serial communication.
  • Position Matching:The follower can match its position (phase angle) to the master within several quadrature encoder counts
  • Two proximity switches:The automatic alignment feature is using two proximity switches connected to the trigger inputs on the follower drive. One switch is used to indicate the position of the master, and the other switch is used to indicate the position of the follower. When the alignment feature is activated and the machine is running, the distance between the trigger switches is measured and compensated.
Special Inverter Applications