Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

KAS (Kollmorgen Automation Suite™) is an integrated set of tools and components that help the automation system designer build high- performance machines.

  • A complete graphical toolkit for PLC programming with support for all IEC 61131-3 programming languages.
  • Fully integrated with motion programming, hardware setup and configuration, testing and debugging, HMI development, network setup and other development tools, so there’s only one software package to learn and use, and only one programming and configuration file to maintain.



  • Open architecture provides consistent  support for both IEC 61131-3 and user-defined  programming  constructs in a single environment.
  • Graphical, drag -and -drop programming  environment  ensures consistency and convenience.
  • Programmed  modules can easily be modified and reused, increasing development  speed
  • Auto-recognize feature automatically  brings Kollmorgen controllers, I/O devices, drives, motors and other hardware  components  into the development  environment
  • Programming  language interchangeability allows seamless integration  of different languages for different programming  tasks, and even translates  one IEC 61131-3 language to another
  • Offline development  and simulation  capabilities  allow you to create and test solutions without deploying the target hardware  or putting physical components  at risk
  • Graphical cam editor makes it easy to import, create, modify and reuse complex cam profiles
  • Multi-variable software oscilloscope and standard debugging features simplify troubleshooting and fine-tuning.


  • Quickly create, optimize and validate motion components and templates
  • Reuse and customize  function blocks to suit many different applications.
  • Customize the development  environment  to suit your working style.
  • Simplify programming  of complex automation  systems that incorporate  multiple types of components  and configurations.
  • Integrate PLC programming  within the same environment  you use to define system topology, auto-discover  and auto-configure  components,  create cam profiles, test and debug motion programs,  and more.

Pipe Network™

  • Our Pipe Network™  graphical environment  provides a breakthrough  solution for generating complex, multi-axis motion programs in Kollmorgen Automation Suite™.
  • Instead of writing code line-by-line, developers can simply drag and drop icons to create a visual representation of the machine’s motion components and relationships.

  • Each icon is linked to a prebuilt motion module that has been optimized and tested to ensure quality.


  • Drag -and -drop development  environment  provides the electronic equivalent of a conventional  line shafting application.
  • Complex motion relationships  between machine axes, cams, gears and other components  are represented  visually.
  • Configuration  of each axis is simply a matter of selecting the icon and entering the appropriate variables as prompted.
  • One-to -one relationship  between mechanical systems and their software equivalents simplifies the most complex programming  tasks while ensuring performance  and quality.


  • Accelerated  development,  with programming  tasks that would otherwise take weeks reduced to days or even hours.
  • A better machine, with performance  improvements  as much as 25% or more, less waste, greater accuracy and the ability to design new features that depend on advanced  motion.
  • Better use of engineering resources,  allowing developers to focus on fine-tuning the system rather than complex coding details and debugging.
  • Easy knowledge  transfer, replacing pages of complex code with easily understood  graphical representations.
  • Automatic documentation  of system topology, with motion blocks and information  flows captured visually.
  • Protection  for your intellectual property, replacing open-standards programming  with a more advanced  automation  paradigm  that your competitors  can’t duplicate.

PLC Open for Motion

In addition to our breakthrough  Pipe Network™, Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ includes PLCopen  for motion, giving developers the choice of programming  in a familiar environment  that leverages  existing engineering resources.

Focused around IEC 61131-3, PLCopen  for motion is a structured programming  method for creating motion applications  that are hardware -independent, interoperable,  and scalable across different control solutions and architectures.


  • Kollmorgen Automation Suite offers a choice of Pipe Network™ and PLCopen for motion, giving you access to the best of industry standards as well as the Kollmorgen capabilities that can differentiate your machine from the competition.
  • PLCopen for motion offers a widely used, industry -independent programming method that supports all IEC 61131-1 programming languages.
  • Modular applications can be reused and enhanced to simplify and ensure the quality of future projects.
  • Programming in PLCopen for motion allows you to maintain continuity with your current methods, expertise and suppliers.


  • Library includes programming constructs most needed by the motion programming community, based on thorough industry analysis.
  • New areas of interest are regularly added, ensuring that the specification evolves to meet changing industry requirements.
  • Provides a standardized vocabulary for developing systems and conveying motion control knowledge.
  • Maintains vendor independence, since all vendors of motion programming products have access to the same specification.
  • Qualified development resources are readily available in the marketplace
  • Kollmorgen is a voting member of the PLCopen organization, ensuring a proactive voice in support of your technical requirements.


Panel PAC Controllers

Our Enhanced Performance Panel Programmable Automation Controller (Panel PAC) offers mid-range computing performance, delivering the highest processor performance with Intel Celeron processor technology. It includes your choice of a 10″ or 15″ integrated display. Our High Performance Panel PAC offers premier computing performance for processor technology up to the Intel Core 2 Duo family, and includes your choice of a 15″ or 17″ integrated display.

  • Enhanced Performance Panel PAC
    Mid-range performance using Intel Celeron processor Choice of 10″ or 15″ display
  • High Performance Panel PAC
    Highest performance for processor technology up to the Intel Core 2 Duo family Choice of 15″ or 17″ display

  • Includes Kollmorgen Visualizer RT in your choice of 250, 2,000 or 4,000 tag runtime licenses to enable a high-resolution HMI in one integrated package.
  • Innovative fanless, passive cooling system maximizes processor performance while minimizing energy consumption.
  • Run critical, highly complex real-time applications on one computer with almost twice the performance of competing PACs.
  • A variety of interface options to adapt to your specific requirements.
  • Compact, high-performance systems designed to resist the shock, vibration, temperature extremes and electromagnetic interference of rugged industrial environments.

Performance Box Controllers

Our Performance Box Controllers offer the flexibility to separate your HMI display from the controller unit. With a variety of CPU and memory choices, plus a reliable flash drive for storing the pre-installed software and your application programs, these controllers are fully equipped and ready for operation right out of the box to help speed your time to market.

  • Powerful, robust controller designed especially for rugged use in close proximity to machinery.
  • Can be mated to a 19″ rack-mount unit for customers who prefer a rack-mounted configuration.
  • High electromagnetic compatibility and shock resistance make this system ideal for use in rugged environments.
  • Optimally equipped for every measurement, control, operation and visualization task.

  • Scalable ETX module and high-performance processors incorporating Intel‘s advanced embedded processor technology.
  • Passive, fanless cooling provides reliable, efficient, cost-effective operation.
  • RoHS-compliant.

AKD PDMM™ Programmable, Multi-Axis Master Drive – Controller

The AKD PDMM™ combines one AKD servo axis and a master controller that supports up to seven or more additional AKD axes in a single, compact package.

It provides integrated control for multiple high-performance axes, complete I/O and HMI interfaces, and includes the full automation  capabilities  of Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ giving you a single, scalable development environment  for both AKD PDMM and PAC-based machines.


  • Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ provides fully integrated programming,  testing, setup and commissioning
  • Embedded  web server utility simplifies service
  • Control 8 axes or more* while reducing machine footprint.
  • EtherCAT multi-axis master motion controller integrated with a standard AKD™ drive axis.
  • Full IEC61131-3  soft PLC for machine control, with support for all 5 programming  languages.
  • Choice of PLCopen  for motion or Pipe Network™  for programming  motion control.
  • 32 kB non -volatile memory stores machine data to eliminate scrap upon restart after power failure.
  • SD Card slot simplifies backup and commissioning, with no PC requiredb.

  • Onboard I/O includes 13 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 1 analog input, 1 analog output (expandable  with AKT series of remote I/O).
  • Works with Kollmorgen Visualization Builder™ for programming AKI human-machine interface panels.
  • Enables plug-and -play compatibility  with your servomotor
  • Provides access to all the advantages of Kollmorgen´s breadth of motor platforms including AKM™, CDDR™, and other direct-drive technologies.
  • Supports real -time performance  feedback from Smart Feedback Devices (SFD), EnDat2.2, 01, BiSS, Analog Sine/Cos encoder, incremental  encoder, HIPERFACE®, and resolver
  • Full-frequency  autotuning  ensures perfect motion across the performance  spectrum

* Maximum axis count depends on motion/automation complexity and performance (8 axes nominal based on medium complexity at 4 kHz network update rate)


  • Reduce panel space, wiring costs and build time with an AKD servo drive axis and a multi-axis programmable machine and motion controller in a single package eliminating the need for a separate controller in many applications.
  • Accelerate design time and simplify integration by using a single, scalable development environment to program AKD PDMM as well as PAC-based applications up to 128 axes.
  • Minimize risk and maximize performance with our industry -leading AKD drive hardware integrated with the proven architecture of Kollmorgen Automation Suite.
  • Deliver advanced features in a higher-performing machine with the advantages of Pipe Network™ and Kollmorgen co-engineering capabilities.
  • Control multiple high-performance servo axes without the need for a separate controller, saving cabinet space and wiring costs.
  • Build a complete system with optimal performance using drives, motors, I/O modules, HMI panels and other components designed to work together.