Alpha Motion SA was founded in 1994 by Mr. Argiris Saninos, remaining for a long time as a sole proprietorship company. Its legal status as a Societe Anonyme was established in 2002.

Alpha Motion, having completed 25 years of continuous presence in the Greek market, has played one of the most important roles in the industrialization of production processes and the development of modern technologies.

The main focus of Alpha Motion is the the import / sale as well as the study – training – installation (where appropriate) of specialized automation products in industry and robotics.

Specifically, there was a strong emphasis on Motion Control, a process required in the industrial production process, in Automation, and in the development of modern unit engines.

By signing partnerships with world-renowned brands, it secured the introduction into the Greek market of cutting-edge technology products.

The facilities of our company

Οι εγκαταστάσεις της Alpha Motion

Alpha Motion has established itself in the field of High Tech Industrial Automation by taking slow and steady steps, in order to serve its client, partner, and project as much as possible.

Alpha Motion has been a leader in the field with the largest percentage of modern installed applications, with an even greater ability to always complete original new technology applications. which widens the competition gap and characterizes Alpha Motion as a school and benchmark.

The most important factor is the timely training of Alpha Motion’s employees. Old and new executives, participate in technical seminars and presentations that take place in the European space and are organized by its partners. As a result, the always technically-trained staff is always ready to deliver not only the solution but also to implement it.
So Alpha Motion constantly informs its customers and partners so that it is always at the center of modern technological achievements.

Following the market demands, Alpha Motion is constantly expanding its range of products, while its long-standing expertise in automation ensures their excellent technical support. This gives the customer and partner the assurance that they will always find the perfect solution in their applications and makes Alpha Motion the most important hub for High Tech Industrial Systems.